Don't Waste Money On PPC

Gail Notestine, Certified Google Advertising Professional

There are thousands of companies, online, that want your money to manage your PPC campaign. Most of them have no more idea of what they are doing, than you do.

PPC, especially Google AdWords is a very complicated, labor intensive job. Especially to design a campaign that gives the client the BEST ROI (return on investment).

Your PPC campaign manager must be plugged in to Google's latest requirements and tools. This takes a CERTIFIED GOOGLE ADVERTISING PROFESSIONAL!

Your PPC manager must have an in-depth knowledge of:

  • Designing a campaign that utilizes separate ad groups, for traffic isolation to individual target pages.
  • How to make use of negative keywords and site exclusion.
  • How to use Contextual Targeting.
  • How to utilize Google's advanced bidding options, Discounter and Smart Pricing.
  • Utilization of Conversion tables.
  • The ability to use dynamic values to track individual assigned product values.
  • The latest in SEO requirements, ie; flow and relevancy.
  • To be able to show you that your PPC ROI actually justifies the expenditure.
  • Be versed in Advanced Optimization.
  • Know your marketing objectives and have a comprehensive plan for achieving them.
  • Be able to show you what your investment should return, in sales, and what your re-investment ratio should be.

Most importantly, if your prospective PPC manager cannot provide you with a comprehensive proposal with time schedule, for performance, then run like hell!


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