Page Rank - Forget About it!

Learn The Truth About SEO Cons


There are so many fallacies, out on the "web", about achieving high page rank. Most of those fallacies have been perpetrated by people that want to make your money theirs.

Always be wary of any advertisement , email , blog or web page that starts with the following phrase:

"Do you want to get first page on Google?"

Nine times, out of ten, the person or company asking that question has no idea of how to achieve that goal, because they are not GOOGLE CERTIFIED!

Google has a series of courses and requirements, for Google Certified Professionals, that weeds out the serious SEO Professional from the money-hungry con man that will take your money and LOWER your page rank.

Look for the Google Certification Logo, on the web site, and watch out for sentences like:

"Make the list of phrases you want to 'own' and ones that are realistic to 'own'."

You cannot 'own' a phrase or keyword. In most cases you can get in the top 10 if you follow the Google guidelines, but if you are not Google Certified, how will you know the guidelines?

Plus, 'owning' a keyword really has nothing to do with achieving higher page rank.

Higher page rank is achieved by a well designed, SEOd site, with relevant content and good backlinks.

Once you have the higher page rank, you then have a better chance of appearing on the front page, in Google Organic Search, but it isn't a certainty.

So stop worrying about page rank and start worrying about whether a potential visitor, searching for a particular service or product, will be happy when they visit your site.

If the answer is "NO", then all the keywords, in the world won't help. Google "Caffeine" bases all of it's rankings upon "user experience and web site intent".


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