Finding An Honest Internet Consulting Company

By: Gail Notestine, Certified Google Advertising Professional


We get calls, all the time, from people that have been charged $3 - 10K for a simple site conversion, on a 10 page or less site.


Before you fork over thousands of dollars, to a consulting firm, ask for references. If they won't give you any, RUN IN THE OTHER DIRECTION!

A consulting firm should provide you with a site analysis, suggestions as to the most cost effective way to achieve the goals you desire, an estimate as to cost, a contract that outlines exactly what will be done ( and a "back door clause" that allows you to get out of the contract, if you are unhappy) and a TIME SHEET telling you how much time is spent on YOUR PROJECT!

Your consultant should communicate, on an almost daily basis, just what the status of your project is and what has been accomplished that day. Your consultant should work out any problems you have and answer questions. The consultant works, for you, not the other way around.

Your consultant should have a true desire to see your business succeed, not just take your money and have a "to hell with the clients' success" attitude.

If any of the above is missing, you should continue looking for a new consultant.

Good, honest, Internet Consultants, with references, are very hard to find. When you find the right one, your business will thrive.


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