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When choosing a reputable SEO company, never pay thousands of dollars, "up- front".

You should ask for a copy of their contract and read it thoroughly. If you agree, with the terms, you should sign it and return with a deposit for a certain number of hours "pre-paid" work.

Before entering into a contract for SEO or other web work, you should have a set budget that you are willing to spend. Let your consultant know how much that amount is. Then STICK TO THAT BUDGET.

It is difficult for a consulting company to plan on how to best help you, if they have to constantly stop projects and wait for money to come in. Or they have to slow down their project because you change your mind on how much you want to spend. It costs you much more, in the long run, because the consultant has to re-familiarize himself with where he or she left off on your project.

Also, You should demand a daily accounting of time spent and what the time was used for. Most reputable companies have a client-accessible time-sheet to which you can refer.

If you have a question about how your money is being spent, ask! It is your money and you have a right to ask how it is being spent.

Respond quickly with settings or information necessary, for the consultant to complete your job. Delays in providing information is as bad as slow paying. Your project is abandoned for one that has current info and settings.

Provide FEEDBACK. If your contacts increase, let your consultant know! If your sales increase, let your consultant know! Without this vital information, they cannot know whether or not their program is working.

Google analytics and other analysis programs can only go so far, to provide accurate sales or goal information. Your consultant needs ACCURATE, information from you!

Please don't hold back because you think they will charge you more, if they know just how well you are REALLY doing. Reputable companies do NOT charge according to the percentage of sales or goal increase! They charge a pre-determined HOURLY rate.

Remember, when choosing an Internet Consultant, you must ask questions. Ask for REFERENCES!

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