FrontPage Web Sites Are Death To Internet Business

By: Gail Notestine

Technology changes faster than the average person can change their web sites. As your web site gets older, it looks and performs like a creaky old site. New Google guidelines ignore sites that take more than 1 second to load.

Google "Panda" is the new Algorithm that ranks your pages and web site. Panda judges your site on content relevance to keywords, visitor satisfaction and load time.It requires current xhtml structure, from your HTML tags. If your site does not have this structure, the bot could go on to another web site.

The Internet is moving to XHTML from HTML. Editing your outdated HTML code should not be that difficult, in most cases, but should be done.

Older FrontPage coding, leaves debris and garbage throughout the web site. It adds multiple unnecessary HTML tags, even those that create the structure of the page. Today's technology uses CSS style sheets to create pages, not archaic HTML. Old coding confuses the search engines and doesn't help your web site ranking. This is especially true if they don't index your site!

Microsoft made it hard to upgrade, to their newer software, leaving those with FrontPage behind.

CSS style sheets are a must-have, for fast loading pages. Search engines require web pages be fast-loading. (i second or less!)

Web mark-up languages have changed quickly. Also, sites need to keep up with the advances in hardware and software technology.

The best way to convert your site to be compliant, with today's mark-up languages, is to do a FrontPage to Adobe DreamWeaver conversion.

This involves downloading your site into DreamWeaver, adding DreamWeaver tags, deleting old FrontPage tags, deleting FrontPage extensions in your site, converting web bots to common web technology, using CSS rather than the old HTML font and style tags, and XHTML validation.

To convert a web site to DreamWeaver, add CSS and start the move to XHTML, takes a lot of time and technical experience.

If you do not have the time and technical knowledge to do this conversion, you MUST find a company that is experienced in doing these conversions. If you entrust your site, to a company that isn't familiar with doing these conversions, your web site could be worse off than it was with the FrontPage extensions!

With today's economy going in a downward spiral, it is imperative to be competitive. If your competition is up-to-date technologically and you aren't, he'll make it but you won't.

We'd be happy to do it for you


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