Curriculum Vitae of David Notestine


November 1997 – Present

CEO, Owner, Marketer, Web site Designer, Developer and Chief Design Engineer

Developer of the Zeus Internet Marketing Robot. Programmed the Zeus application and constructed the online shop, secure pages and numerous CGI scripts.

Skills used: HTML, javascript, Visual Basic 6, Visual C, Perl, CGI, Frontpage, various email, ftp, http browser and system controls, MySQL, PHP, TCP/IP, Windows API. Operating systems: Unix, NT4, Windows 2000, Windows 98, Windows 95 and msdos. Apache and NT servers.

Currently 8,000,000 hits monthly.

November 2000 – Present

To attain the goal of the original creators of the Internet, by hyper-linking the knowledge of mankind together through highly organized Vertical-Themed Link Directories and making that knowledge freely and easily available to everyone.

April 1999 – Present

Webmaster, Script and Development Manager site was a beta test site for the Zeus robot. Setup the basic infra-structure and wrote or edited the over 40 CGI scripts that helped to create the success of this outstanding web site. is currently at 4,000,000 hits monthly and the largest, most active Avian / Parrot web site in the world.

December 1998 – February 2007

Webmaster, Marketer, Web site Designer, Script and Development Manager was the web site for the 35 Crown Jewels stores and also became one of the beta test sites for the Zeus robot. Setup of the infra-structure, web site design and I wrote or edited the over 60 CGI scripts that helped to create the success of this outstanding web site. This web site was sold, for a healthy amount, in 2007.

Crown Jewels

September 1989 - February 2007

Crown Jewels was a jewelry business which grew in sales from $8,000, its first year, to sales of $600,000 in 2001.

PMI Holdings

September 1983 – September 1989

I founded this holding company, which owned marketing, land development, entertainment and publishing companies. Our annual revenues were in excess of twenty million dollars.

I also wrote the financial projection and operational software for PMI Holdings which was a holding company of hi-tech marketing companies.

In the 1980's:

Setup and consulted on various micro-computer retail stores for Zenith Data Systems. I worked in wholesale microcomputer distribution, training management, sales and support personnel.

I founded and managed First Capitol Distributing Company, Distributor for Zenith Data System computers. This company became ZDS's largest wholesale distributor in the world.

Founded and setup First Laser Systems interfacing lasers to micro-processors.

Interfaced the first electronic Kronos time-clock and wrote the software for one of the first computerized payroll and time accounting systems.

I was Instrumental in founding the Tele-robotics industry by founding and managing Tele-Sel, a developer of hi-tech robotic hardware and software utilizing the phone lines. We developed the first working automatic dialing machine.

In the 1970's:

I built the first micro-computer in the state of Texas utilizing the 4004 chip.

I continued my studies with programming, digital electronics and micro-processor design with Heath Educational systems

For over 2 years, I served as the Texas State Educational Technical Advisor for micro-computers. I setup state vocational, high school and college curriculum pertaining to micro-computers and state-of-the-art electronics.

I wrote the first Computer Assisted Instructional course for micro-computers - Basic Programming, marketed by Software Toolworks.

Wrote the Slip instructional language for micro-computers.

Designed Input/Output hardware card for Heath H8 micro-computer.

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