David Notestine

"I’ve had my own businesses, for over 40 years, so I apply real-world business techniques to my Internet businesses.

I've been guiding Web Masters in their link and real-world marketing campaigns since 1997 and I’ve met hundreds of web masters and heard their stories, both success and failure.

My businesses  are successful.  I make money with my web sites - good money!

I enjoy helping others and my clients seem to appreciate it. This is my motivation to do a great job for every client.  I insist that our clients be treated the way I want to be treated!

There are four simple concepts of web site marketing:

  • Feedback,
  • Proper SEO,
  • Correct Linking
  • and Quality Content.

If you do these four jobs properly, your site will be successful...guaranteed!

If people used "Common Sense Web Marketing" techniques, to market their web sites, they would be successful. It’s that simple.

Everyone that has followed my marketing concepts has been successful.  But, like everything in life, creating a profitable web site does take work, lots of it.

I understand sales and marketing;  it's has been my profession since 1968.

 I worshiped at the feet of experts and also learned the hard way, through trial and error.

I'm very good at it. I have a knack for seeing numbers in marketing systems and applying those to planning and growth techniques and have adapted my approach to help others achieve success.

Positive results are drips coming out of the bottom of a large sales funnel. Large numbers of raw leads get dumped in the top of the funnel. At each level of the funnel, an action is required by your prospects. They either fail, at the action, or proceed down the funnel. Finally, at the narrow bottom of the funnel, at the final action, they become whatever it is you want them to be: sales, phone prospects, cash, etc.

The greatest problem facing any business is generating these drips (leads). An unvisited web site is like a business card thrown in the middle of the Sahara desert...if no one see it, it doesn't matter how pretty it is!

My expertise is generating those raw leads, smoothing each action-level of your sales funnel and insuring that the maximum possible amount of results come pouring out the bottom.

In other words, I get people to your site!"

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