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No Job Too Small - One Hour Per Week Or Forty

You are the boss and your budget controls the pace! Whether you need an entire web site or a little marketing tweak, we will do it for you or teach you to do it yourself.

Maybe you just need an experienced, reliable webmaster to do those odd web site edits that you either don't have time for or don't know how to do.

This is our simple system: You purchase blocks of time and a running total, of the time used, is kept on a time sheet, which is made especially for your web site. If you need more work done, you purchase more time.

Here's a sample Time Sheet and To Do List ...

We provide our customers a precise list of what we have done, what we plan to do next and a list of all suggestions made by the client. Everything is on one web page, which is updated continuously. The client always knows when we are 'clocked' in and can respond "real-time" to on-going work-product.

We Help You Do It Yourself

Some Internet Marketing jobs are just plain time-consuming. They aren't hard, they just take up a lot of your precious time. I teach my clients how to save time, doing those jobs, and how to do them properly; some clients just have me do the jobs for them.

Some of those time-consuming jobs are: putting keyword phrases into categories, adding content and adding links. I can teach you to do these jobs yourself or I'm happy to do them for you. Our clients are a part of the team; they choose how much of the work they want to do themselves and how much they want us to do.

Read more ...

Client Communication

During normal office hours, you may call or Skype (Instant Messenger) directly to me. You will only be charged for actual minutes rounding off to the next 15 minutes or half-hour, like other consultants.

The ability to Skype me, is like being in the room, with me. You get your questions answered almost immediately.

Any questions that you may have, pertaining to to the status of your job, computers, software, web sites or anything affiliated with the Internet, are answered as quickly as I receive your message.

As long as you are a client, Skype will keep us close.

My Personal Guarantee

My Personal Guarantee

Buy an hour, check the quality of my work. Worst case, you will spend $50.

Once time is used, it is not refundable. We will maintain constant communication, with you. You will know, in detail, what we are doing, when we are doing it and the results of our work. You will be sure of quality, for every minute in which you invest. You may cancel at any time. Any and all unused time is happily refunded.

We Offer These Internet Marketing Services:

Complete Web Site Design and Development

Skip this step if you have an existing web site and just need Internet Marketing.

From Flash to PHP - our on-staff specialists can create a great looking web site for your business. Our graphics designer graduated 'Summa Cum Laude' - the top of her college class. Our developers can create anything from a single web page to a sophisticated search engine, using neural-networked artificial intelligence algorithms.

Client Web Site Analysis and Feedback Web Site Analysis

Knowing what is needed for your web site is of primary importance. Finding out where it stands among its competitors and organizing its future is all important.

The following SEO services will tell us what needs to be done:


SEO Analysis of your web site's web pages:

I'll analyze your web pages, using tools that help me ascertain exactly what needs to be done. Each web site is different and I will find out exactly what yours needs to get the proper traffic.

Link Analysis

Simple Link Analysis, of your competitors, will show us where your web site stands among the competition. How many links do we need? If your competitor has 300 and he's number one, then you need as many or more to compete. Linking is one of the most important concepts of Internet Marketing and one of the most time-consuming
I'm an expert, as I practically invented Link Marketing . . . click here and I'll show you.
1 - 1 1/2

Site Maps

If you have a good sitemap, the Search engines find your web pages immediately.
A sitemap is just what it sounds like - a map of your web site. It lists all the pages, in your web site,as links, with the Title of each page as the anchor text.
A sitemap will give you an overall keyword view, of your web site, before and after any SEO keyword changes. It shows you, at a glance, exactly what a search engine 'sees'. Plus, a sitemap takes care of submitting your web pages to the search engines.
With HTML and XML sitemaps you can help Google, Yahoo and other search engines to:
  • Index your entire web site
  • Speed up finding and showing changed content.
  • Decide pages shown in search engine result pages.
  • Quickly update new pages by pinging the SEs to notify them new pages are ready
The most important sitemaps you can create (All are created at one time):
  • XML sitemap protocol: Ping Google, Yahoo, Ask, MSN with XML sitemaps / Google sitemaps.
  • Google mobile sitemap: Google sitemap / XML sitemap for web sites with mobile content.
  • Google news sitemap: Google sitemap / XML sitemap for news orientated web sites.
  • RSS sitemap feed: RSS sitemaps use XML and often used for blog and forum web sites.
  • Text sitemap: Sitemap URL list format used by some search engines, e.g. Google and Yahoo.
  • HTML sitemap: Many web sites use HTML sitemaps as a navigation aid to visitors.
  • web sitemap: ASP.Net web site navigation and menu controls use Web.sitemap files.
A robots.txt file, pointing to your sitemap, is important to allow the SEs to quickly index your pages. This file also eliminates the need for any form of web page submission.
1 - 4

Keyword Research and Content Planning

Keyword Research
The most common and worst mistake, in SEO, is that your web site is optimized using the wrong keyword phrases. What you believe is being typed, into the search engines, is probably not accurate.
We do keyword research, to find the phrases that are actually typed into the search engines to search for similar sites. Then we sort and divide the keywords, by themes, groups or subjects found on your current web pages or potential ones. We provide this, to you, in an Excel report.
Then we discuss, with you, the word groupings. This is so we can create ideas for new pages that will build content using each unique group of keyword phrases.
1 - 3
hours per

SEO Editing of Web Pages

Using the 'Keyword Research' from above, your web site's pages will be edited, to include keyword phrases that are actually searched for, at the search engines. SEO Editing is a simple concept and is similar to outlining an essay in college. It does take time to be done correctly. Once correct, it does not have to be re-done over and over. There won't be a need to change your keyword phrases, in the future.

This is one of the most time-consuming jobs and also one of the most important ones. It takes a special editing professional to create these pages, so they are attractive to the search engines, but still easy to read by your visitors.

Your web pages will be properly constructed for the search engines using SEO objects such as the TITLE, META Tags, H1, STRONG, EM, etc.

We then check the SEO Quality of each web page, which takes about 5 minutes per page, without corrections. This includes page sizes, structure validity of all SEO objects, obtaining a high SEO Score for relevancy. Finally we then check the HTML validity of the actual web page.

These steps insure your web pages will be indexed, by the search engines, and will maintain a high position in their listings.


Web Page Submission To Major Search Engines

After the web pages have been constructed properly, we update your sitemap and notify the search engines that there are newly edited web pages. The Search engines will read the sitemaps and index the web pages that are new or newly edited.

1 - 2 hours
per week

Pay-Per-Click Marketing Program Design and Management

A Google Advertising Professional will design and develop an efficient PPC program for your site and maintain the account, for you.



2 - 5 hours
per week

Link Marketing

We can handle your total linking needs or maintain your Zeus Link Directory. This will be the single-most time consuming job of Internet Marketing. There is no easy way :-( Trust me, I wish there was.

Read more about Link Marketing ...


  • Form Processor - One of the spam-free CAPTCHA form pages that a visitor submits information to you.
  • eMail Newsletter Manager - A email news letter program is important to follow up with those on your emailing list.
  • Convert existing Dynamic pages to HTML pages. Static HTML pages are always better than those stored in a database.
  • Whatever you need, for a profitable web site, our professional staff can do.
  • Training in all of the above

Optional Design

  • Corporate Branding- 72 dpi Web Logo, 300dpi Print Logo, Business Card, Stationery
  • Fliers (printer ready)
  • Brochures (printer ready)
  • Posters (printer ready)
  • Point of Sale materials
  • Magazine and/or newspaper ads
  • Banner Ads-Static or animated (non-Flash, web optimized for minimum bandwidth)
  • Web graphics

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Let me analyze your web site and I'll tell you exactly what needs to be done. I'll give you a 25 point examination that will cover Feedback, SEO Objects, Links, Content, Design and HTML source code. We'll spend an hour, over the telephone, to study the results and then you decide whether you want me to do the work or have me train you to do it yourself...and you get all this for $75!

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