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Easily Convert Your Web Site to Mobile

easily convert your web site to mobile

Who needs a mobile web site?

Any company that does business over the internet and wants to stay in business.

Even someone whose site is built perfectly for regular PC/Mac based access, and has a PR of 10/10 is not going to perform well on a mobile device. The web site will be awkward to view and virtually impossible to use easily.

Customers, when given a choice between a non-optimized, hard to view site, and a sleek made-for-mobile site, are going to choose the site that is easy to view and use.

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Why should I get a mobile web site?

Because people are spending BILLIONS of dollars every year using their mobile devices, and however large a mobile device's screen is, viewing a desktop/laptop web site requires scrolling left and right, up and down. No matter how fast the mobile connection is, large images will be slow to load, and many technologies (such as Flash) that are common on those web sites will not work well or at all on most handsets, including Apple.

The number of people accessing mobile sites is expected to soon overtake the PC as the most popular way to get on the web. Already 25% of internet users in the US only go online using a mobile device, and that number is 77% in Japan (over 97 million people).

Shopping on the mobile web (m-commerce) is predicted to climb to $119 billion in the next few years. Four out of 5 US smart phone owners, use their phone to shop.

71% of smart phone users that see an ad on TV, in the press or online, do a mobile search for more information on the company and the product.

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What happens if I decide NOT to get a mobile web site?

Your business will fail.

Just as it was 15 years ago when brick and mortar businesses fought against the transition to online stores, it is now with mobile sites. People are resistant to change.

This time however, companies will not have years to make their decision. If you wait, you will be out of business on the web

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Where do I go to get the best mobile web site?

First, do your research. Then come to us.

Look at examples of mobile sites and make your decision based what you want your mobile site to look like. Would you rather have a cookie cutter web site with limited customizations that only vaguely resembles your site, or one that mirrors your current site with all of its forms and features?

Once you have made the decision to get a mobile site, you have three options:


  • Limited on styles and look. Looks cheap and unprofessional.
  • Offer a highly restricted set of templates to fit your web site into, that, like free web sites of the early and mid 90's, only allow you to edit a limited number of areas.
  • Most sites do not convert well, if at all.
  • Will not serve some images, fonts or PDFs
  • Check the mobile site samples they have
  • No shopping carts - No SSL secure pages - m-commerce not supported.
  • If limited by number of pages, or if you are required to pay by the page... RUN!
  • You will be stuck with that mobile format and be unable to change.
  • Limited number of pages, views, or bandwidth allowed

Build From Scratch Services-

Small ad type or business card types-

  • Usually have a limited number of pages like "About Us", "Map", "Call", "Hours Opened", etc., it is a dead end. Only sends users to your current web site, doesn't actually prepare for the mobile web. It only allows you to put it off until it is too late and you have wasted time and money better spent in doing it right the first time. If your phone number is located on your mobile site but you don't give users enough information or send them to your main site, these types of site are little better than a phone book listing. Unless the consumer is already interested in you, they won't call.
  • No shopping carts, no SSL secure pages, m-commerce not supported.
  • If limited by number of pages, or if you are required to pay by the page... RUN!

Large Custom Built-

  • Great but expensive.
  • Limited in number of pages, or amount of bandwidth allowed.
  • You will have to maintain two separate web sites Changes made to main web site will have to be made to the mobile site separately, making all changes costly.

Hybrid (this is what we offer)-

  • Priced closer to converters than build from scratch sites
  • Mirrors your current site, keeping your site's design and styles
  • Converts any site
  • Offers customized mobile web contact forms.
  • Serves PDFs and other file types.
  • Supports shopping carts, SSL secure pages, m-commerce
  • No maintenance required.
  • Little or no editing required to update the mobile site. Most changes made to main site are automatically mirrored in the mobile site. Changes made to the main site's template may require minor edits within the custom script.
  • No limit to views, bandwidth, or number of pages.

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Do you have any samples of sites that have been converted to mobile?

The following web sites that have been converted to mobile web sites using our custom server. The links will open in a new browser window: (To view the full features of our new 'Web-to-Mobile, Hybrid-App Server' please view in ANY mobile browser.)

  • David Notestine Consulting (
    Click on the above link to view on a PC/Mac
    Click here if you are using a mobile device to browse the internet.
  • Texas Central Air This web site owner invested $500 for this mobile site.(
    Click on the above link to view on a PC/Mac
    Click here if you are using a mobile device to browse the internet.

  • Tailwheels Etc. (
    Click on the above link to view on a PC/Mac
    Click here if you are using a mobile device to browse the internet.

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What does getting a mobile web site entail?

We do it all for you.

You will have to contact your domain name registrar for the ‘’ domain name, and have them add a DNS ‘A Record’ for ‘’ that points to an IP address we will provide.

We can assist you in finding your registrar, and can even provide you with the message to email them.

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How does it work?

A custom PHP program, written exclusively for YOUR web site, communicates with the API of our Web to Mobile Server. On-the-Fly, this new server converts your current web site into a Mobile App Hybrid that any mobile device can display. Whether you have 10 pages or 10,000, the Web to Mobile Server works smoothly and fast, maintaining your current web site's look and feel.

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What mobile devices will it work with?

The site works with all web enabled phones, including:

  • Apple iPad & iPad 2
  • Apple iPhone, iPhone 3, iPhone 3GS, & iPhone 4
  • Apple iTouch
  • Android (HTC incredible, Droid, Nook Color, Google Nexus S)
  • Android 2.2
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Windows Phone 6.5 (HTC)
  • Windows Phone 7 (HTC 7 Surround)
  • Blackberry 5, 6 & 7
  • Blackberry Playbook
  • Palm Pixi, Pre & Pre 2
  • HP Touch Pad
  • Firebox Mobile
  • Kindle 3
  • Opera Mini
  • Nokia Sybian^1 (N97)
  • Nokia Symbian^3 (N8, C7)

The vast majority of all modern desktop, smart phone, tablet, and e-Reader platforms are supported as well.
Visitors to your mobile site will view the AJAX-enabled pages as a 'web-page/mobile app' hybrid.

In addition, feature phones and older browsers are also supported because of our progressive enhancement approach. We are very proud of our commitment to universal accessibility through our broad support for all popular platforms.

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How will a mobile site affect my Google AdWords?

You will save 90% on your mobile ads, and your current ads will be unaffected.

Statistics have shown that companies with mobile sites enjoy a 25% increase in overall sales, and that number is projected to climb to 50%.

Of the people who react to seeing a mobile ad, 42% click on the ad, 35% visit the advertiser’s site, 32% search for more information. 49% actually make a purchase and 27% call the business.

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Why shouldn't I just get a cheap MOBI site?

Cheap MOBI WYSWYG sites limit your ability to develop a site that will retain your current site's look and feel. They are more like putting a business card out on the mobile web, or putting an ad in the phonebook. This is great if most of your clients already know all about you and normally call you to order. If not, your prospective customers will go to another mobile site where they can find the information that they want and need. To flourish on the mobile web, you need a "real" site!

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How much will my mobile web site cost?

We create mobile web sites, with as many as 10,000 pages, starting for as little as $240.
This includes:

  • The '' domain name free for one year ($20 per year after the first year).
  • Mobile site hosting free for one year ($240 a year after the first year.) Hosting includes the ' sub domain.
  • SSL support for m-commerce is also available. Your current shopping cart is converted just like the rest of your web pages. This makes it easy for your customers to purchase using all mobile devices. This costs $5 a month for a dedicated IP address plus $49 a year for the SSL Cert.

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What contributes to the cost of my mobile web site?

Some of the main items that can determine the cost of your mobile web site are the following:

  • Age and structure of your current web site
  • How it was created (Dreamweaver, FrontPage, GoLive, WebWeaver etc.)
  • Does your site utilize a CSS style sheet?
  • Navigation/menu structure (Do you use a list driven menu, a JavaScript menu or some other type of navigation)

For a detailed analysis of your site and a pricing quote please call us

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Is it SEO friendly?

A Mobile Site adds search engine value to your current web site. SEO of pages is automatically built in and is in the new mobile app Web2.0 syntax. Up to the latest Goggle algorithm standards.

A sitemap created for mobile is a Goggle must

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What do I get for my money?

The Web 2 Mobile Server automatically converts your existing web site to a mobile web site that looks like you spent thousands of dollars for a mobile app. You will have one of the best looking mobile web sites on the mobile web.

Auto Detection of mobile devices- One line of PHP code must be installed into the top of your existing site’s web pages.

No need to update two different web sites! Edit a page on your main web site and your mobile site is automatically updated.

One of A Kind Features:

  • Mobile app look and feel. Page transitions, smooth scrolling, mobile app type styling and navigation work like mobile apps and are fully supported.
  • main site's styles are kept
  • Supports your current style sheet
  • M-Commerce (mobile e-commerce) ready - Secure (SSL) Pages supported
  • SEO of pages is automatically built in and is in the new mobile app Web2.0 syntax. Up to the latest Google algorithm standards. A Mobile Site adds search engine value to your current web site
  • Autodetect of phone numbers in text and conversion to 'Call' link
  • Intelligent (neural networking) parsing of your current pages
  • AJAX enabled web applications. Pages are requested with Ajax
  • Web2.0 compatible
  • Supports your web site's current favicon (small image on browser bars)
  • Mobile enhanced, contact submission form, with captchas designed for mobile devices.
  • Sitemap created for mobile- a Google must!

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