Common SEO Mistakes

SEO - The Big Mystery!

With the growth of the Internet, there are thousands, maybe MILLIONS of companies that try to tell you the best way to SEO your site.

Most of them are WRONG.

Daily, we talk to people that have spent THOUSANDS of dollars, only to get 10 keywords and a few irrelevant meta tags.

WE do NOT like to see people taken advantage of, so we try to educate. An educated client, is a happy client.

Some of the most common mistakes that many SEO Companies and web masters make are listed below:

  • Targeting keywords that nobody searches for. If an SEO firm asks you what keywords you want to optimize for; RUN!
  • Missing or irrelevant Title tags
  • Concentrating strictly upon META tags, with no concentration upon page content
  • Dynamic (.php, asp, etc) web pages, with no HTML pages
  • An all Flash web site, with no HTML alternatives
  • Using Java Script for menus and navigation, with no sitemap
  • Using images instead of Header tags
  • Using ALL images in the page header
  • Creating link nests, using link membership services or paid links to try to fool search engines using Easy links
  • And my all-time favorite mistake - Using hidden keywords the same color as the background

We will help you to correct any or all of the above mistakes.  Just a short Consultation can get you on your way to avoiding common problems and correcting them if the mistakes have already been made.

Our consultants stay current with all Google changes and W3c code requirements. They consistently upgrade their education to ensure that our clients' sites are among the top sites on the Internet.

Remember, a badly SEOd site will fare even worse on mobile!

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